10 Ways to Make 2015 Great for You and Your Horse



1. Participate in a clinic* – Consider going to a clinic this year! Clinics will keep you and your horse learning and advancing your skills. Plus you have the added benefit of receiving advice and critique from a well-known and accomplished trainer.*

2. Try a new equine sport – We all have our favorite sports and events we like to compete in, but change it up a little this year and learn something new!

3. Organize your tack room – Pull everything out, clean it, throw stuff away or donate those items you no longer use, then reorganize.

4. Research your feed (it might be time to update your feeding program!)** – Every year there is more and more research on how your horse’s body works. While you might be making resolutions to hit the gym a little more often and refine your own eating habits, you might see how you can improve your horse’s health by what he is eating. Are you feeding an accurate amount of starches, carbs and proteins for your horse’s exercise/energy level? Have you considered the benefits of pro and prebiotics?

5. Invest in that tack piece you’ve always wanted – If you’ve been riding in a saddle or headstall that is years old and falling apart, it may be time to invest in that tack piece you’ve had your eye on for a while. Plus, a new tack piece might get you excited about practicing more often!

6. Go on a trail ride in a new place with some friends* – Do some research on different trail rides in your area and book a weekend with a couple of friends. It will be refreshing to get away from the arena and you will be sure to make a lot of memories.

7. Wash all those winter blankets and saddle pads – Load them up and take them to the nearest car wash. Blankets and saddle pads can carry fungus and bacteria, aside from the fact that they can be uncomfortable to your horse when they are dirty.

8. Deep clean your truck and trailer – You might want to do this one before you hit the trails! We can spend so much time riding that we often neglect the essential equipment that gets us to and from where you are riding! Whether you do it yourself or hire a detailing team is up to you, but you will feel so much more organized and on top of things with a fresh truck interior and a clean trailer.

9. Beat your best personal time – Remember that one roping where you and your partner made a phenomenal time together? Or that barrel pattern you ran and made your best time? Make it a goal this year to beat it!

10. Spend a day pampering your horse – Your horse(s) work so hard for you and are always willing to go the extra mile. Spend a day bathing, trimming, massaging, clipping, and prettying up your athlete. Not only is it great bonding time, but it can be very therapeutic for you and your horse. Plus, everyone likes riding a shiny, good looking horse!


*If you are looking for a clinic to attend or would like to stay at our guest ranch, please click here.

** Come by our NRS Feed Store located in Decatur and ask about Bluebonnet Feeds


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