10/4 Drew Horner: Uncoiled. Best Week, part 2

standings   This week has been pretty awesome!  I started off by spending a few days with some amazing men at NRS, teaching them how to rope and just hanging out with them, and now I’m home practicing and getting ready to fly to Kissimmee Florida tomorrow morning. While I was in Decatur, Texas at the Wounded Warrior Project Clinic I got to be apart of, which you can read about more in my last blog, I found out that I officially made my first National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas!!!
   Needless to say I was REALLY excited!  I saw it on the internet and had one of those moments when you just feel like you’ve accomplished a goal. This has been a goal of mine for a long time and I am finally finishing it. I feel pumped and worn out now that I’ve qualified. It is such a blessing to be able to go to the finals. I have accomplished a small goal for now and I hope to continue to progress in my roping to reach more goals.

Jonothan Stephenson on the left with me in the center and Johnny Montes on the right.

When I saw it on Monday on the internet, I was roping alongside some wounded warriors. I immediately was excited because it had become official. All at the same time, I about teared up because I realized that I get to be able to rope and travel across the United States because my new friend, Jonothan Stephenson, was willing to offer his life for my freedom. He lost his leg and is right next to me roping the dummy. I get to rope, go the gym, ride horses, go to church and have the freedom to see my family and be with my girlfriend because of what men and women like him do for us. Undescribable… These guys are truly tough. They understand sacrifice.

   Through all the excitement and emotions I had seeing I had officially qualified for my first NFR, I felt humbled. I gained a new perspective that day. These guys helped me see the cost of my freedom. I am forever grateful. Making the finals is awesome and fun, but serving and sacrificing for others is something worth doing.
Drew Horner
October 4, 2013 |

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