11/1 Drew Horner: Uncoiled. Rained Out

flood   This past week has been the first week I would consider the start of my “off season”. I’m home, practicing a little bit, and trying to catch up on some rest. Next week starts my “off season” practice sessions getting ready for the Finals in Vegas and also preparing for next year. But, as for this week, yesterday was a good “rest” day just because of what happened.
   I was supposed to rope in Winnie, Texas at the Champions Challenge rodeo. I had a friend of mine help me drive down there and back because I have been tired lately, and I wanted to sleep before I had to compete. All the contestants were suppose to be there by noon for check in and have a meeting at 12:30. It had been raining on us for almost the entire drive from Plano to Winnie, and it wasn’t supposed to quit, so I had brought my rain gear just in case.
    Well, I’m feeling ready and prepared for the worst heading into Winnie, and I get an email from the PRCA. We are about 20 miles away, I had been driving for about 5 and  a half hours, when I read the email stating that the rodeo had been canceled due to “biblical” rains.
     It had been raining a lot, BUT I have never been to any Pro Rodeo that would be canceled for severe rain conditions, so I was shocked! Surprised that we wouldn’t be notified a little earlier, and surprised that they actually canceled the rodeo! I talked to a few veterans and they all couldn’t remember any specific time that a rodeo had been canceled like this because of weather. Kind of a bummer for me though… I hauled for around 11 hours yesterday with my horse in the trailer and didn’t even do anything… Just wasted my time, put miles on my rig, and made my horse stand in a trailer for a good while. I did unload him though to let him walk around and get a drink. Although all of that kind of stunk, I guess the weather is uncontrollable and it looks like it was a good idea to cancel it! After all, the arena was flooded, seriously!
   I hope y’all are doing well and didn’t have any wasteful days like that! 😉 ha! Just part of it I guess, the rodeo cowboy life really is unpredictable sometimes. Have a good one y’all! DH
Drew Horner
November 1, 2013 |

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