3rd Annual NRSTRC pays out $475,000 including trucks, trailers and saddles


DECATUR, TEXAS —The third annual Cimarron NRS Team Roping Classic (NRSTRC) held April 12-14, 2013 paid out $475,000 in cash and prizes, including two Chevy Dually pick-up trucks from James Wood Motors, two three-horse Cimarron bumper-pull trailers, two saddles and much more. The NRSTRC gives the lower numbered team roper a chance to win big prizes like the professionals.

This year the roping filled the first day the books opened. Ropers from as far as Hawaii entered the roping. The #11 roping was capped at a #6 Elite this year, and ropers could enter up to three times.

Ropers started rolling in and hooking up their trailers on Thursday night to get a good night’s rest before the first full round on Friday. The top 75 teams from Friday and Saturday’s rounds (round one and two) came back to Sunday’s non-progressive final three rounds.

The preliminary rounds paid $12,000. Friday’s round winners, Jerry Hughes and Derek Hughes, were excited to start off the weekend with a win after being so close to the champion spot last year. They were 7.07 on their first steer, which got them $6,600.

The times got a little faster for Saturday’s second round. Taylor Morgan and Heath Sanders were 6.66 seconds for first in the second round. Although, their fast time on Saturday was not able to bring them back to the final rounds Sunday.

The top 75 teams from the first two rounds came back for their jackets and a chance to win the big jackpot. The teams started clean on Sunday and had three full rounds. The best average time brought home the matching trucks, trailers and the winning check.

Lone Wolf Photgraphy - Average winners action-Lee Hicknor and Jace Outlaw

After a total time of 25.08 seconds on three head, Lee Ticknor, 28, of Bennington, OK and Jace Outlaw, 19, of Bonham, TX, took home the brand new rigs and $22,150/man. With 25.96, Brandon Burlin and Cody Gantt were just behind them in second for $18,300/ man and NRS Pro Series Saddles. Jace Outlaw took home another check for third place with header, Garrett McIntire.

“This is by far the biggest win I’ve ever had,” Lee said. “The roping pays good, but we definitely came for the trucks and trailers.”

Lee and Jace have been roping together at local jackpots, along with third place header, Garrett. Garrett was also riding Lee’s horse Crocodile Dundee in the roping.

“We were kind of in a hurry with switching horses in the final round,” Lee said. Lee was first high callback after Garrett was fourth high callback team. “It was nerve racking, but it happened so fast that I didn’t realize what happened ‘til it was over. My buddy was fourth highback, and was winning the roping when I ran around to get my horse. Jace had been roping the best I’d ever seen him rope, and I wanted to give him a chance to catch the last one.”

With first and third in the average and a round’s fast time, Jace took home a total of $39,050 on top of the truck and trailer. For the 19-year-old, this roping turned out to easily be his biggest win ever.

“Throughout the day I took it steer by steer,” Jace said. “I tried to get into position and be aggressive and rope every steer.”

Lee and Jace both plan to use their winnings to continue roping. “I feel like we can’t quit now,” Lee said. “ I’m probably going to buy a brand new set of roping steers and Priefert air chute.”

With the great turnout and amazing sponsors, Cimarron Trailers, NRS and NRS Trailers, Cinch Jeans, James Wood Motors, Resistol Hats, Classic Ropes, Sweetie Pies Ribeyes and Mortenson Trophy Buckles, the payout and prizes were exceptional. Next year’s roping is already in the books for April 11-13, 2014. Stay tuned to NRSworld.com to find out when the books will open.

Lone Wolf Photgraphy -Average winners award with sponsors

Lone Wolf Photography -Average winners award with sponsors

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