9/25 Drew Horner: Uncoiled. End of September

photo 3   This is the last week of the rodeo season for this year. I’m excited about what this weekend entails for us. I am on my way to Kansas City Mo right now for the slack today and then onto Omaha NE for the second tour finale on Thursday, Friday and hopefully Saturday. Both are little arenas with fast starts which make them both fast set ups.
   Omaha’s format is a progressive two header format with a short round on Saturday. This is one of my favorite type of formats! They are like a tournament. It is the top 12 contestants in the standings in each event that qualify for Omaha. The top 8 fastest teams combined times on two steers after the first round on Thursday night and the second round on Friday night progress to Saturday. Then, on Saturday it’s two one round rodeos in one rodeo. The top 8 rope one round, then the top 4 fastest times move onto compete one more round for the win. It’s exciting. I hope that made sense…
photo 2   It’s pretty cool qualifying for this rodeo. I wanted to make this tour finale in Omaha all year and I’m pumped we did it. Right now I’m grabbing some lunch at McCalister’s Deli in Wichita, Kansas.  I feel excited and ready to go this weekend! It’s been good to be home and practice for a few days. My horses feel good and my roping feels a lot better! I hope y’all are doing well! Ill be talking to y’all soon! DH
Drew Horner
September 25, 2013 |

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