Drew Horner: Uncoiled. Jackpots!

   Just finished up the first jackpot of five for this week. We didn’t win anything but I roped well and my horses felt good, so I feel good about the rest of the weekend. I’m going to stay at a friends house tonight on my way to Guthrie Oklahoma. The Ward’s are good friends a great people that have an open door for anyone that needs a place to stay.
   I am excited about the rest of the weekend. I always like coming to the USTRC Finals in OKC. I really enjoy their events and have always loved roping in the Open Shootout. I typically rope good at that roping, but just have never won anything. I have had some good chances but just can’t seem to finish it out. I’m hoping this is my year! My horses feel great, the things I have been working on in my roping are starting to show, and now it’s game time. One of the most fun jackpots of the year for, the USTRC Open Shootout! I’m going to post a blog soon about my top picks to win the Open Shootout so stay tuned! You’ll get to see who I think is most likely going to win and why! I can’t pick myself by the way… Ha! I’ll talk to y’all soon! DH
Drew Horner
October 23, 2013 |

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