6 Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2015


We all have special memories with our dads. Whether it’s the memory of him teaching you how to ride a bike without training wheels, helping you rope your first calf, or teaching you to drive on a country back road, our dads hold a special place in our hearts.

Show your dad just how much you appreciate him this summer with these gift ideas.


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Summer time means straw hat season! Straw breathe well in the heat – whether dad likes a pre-creased hat or prefers an open crown to shape it exactly the way he likes. Some men prefer bold and statement making hats, while others prefer a more classic take. Whatever the case may be, we carry all his favorite brands!

Click here to pick out dad’s new favorite straw.


Arena Flex Shirts by Cinch


Gift dad with an Arena Flex Shirt – Arena Flex Shirts take a traditional button up to the next level. Each of these shirts is wrinkle resistant (perfect for dads on the go), moisture wicking (to stay cool in the summer), lightweight and even features a unique back vent that allows for more arm movement (which is needed when swinging a rope!).

Find the color or pattern that fits your dad here.



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Every hard-working, team-roping dad could use a new pair of boots! Like these Best Selling, NRS Exclusive Anderson Beans! All Anderson Bean boots are hand-made right here in Texas with only the best leathers and materials. Instead of using nails to attach the sole, Anderson Bean uses lemon wood pegs that swell and age with the leather. These techniques make these boots comfortable and long lasting.

Find this and other men’s footwear here.





Our tack shop produces a wide variety of beautiful, hand-made leather belts. Each belt is carefully tended to; the leather is cut, then stamped or tooled by hand, stitched and stained. Give dad a special treat with one of these quality belts by customizing it with his initials – or, better yet, with his ranch brand.

To see all belt options click here.




Help dad stock up on some new ropes for this Father’s Day. We only stock this season’s ropes, so you can promise dad they will be fresh and ready to rope! You might even throw in one he may not have tried yet – like this new Prodigy rope from Cactus Ropes.

Click here to shop the NRS Rope selection.




No working ranch man can have too many knives. This line of knives was inspired by the daily tasks and demands of a working ranch. From blade and handle material to knife and sheath design, we strongly believe this collection of knives will become an asset to anyone looking for a high quality, Texas-made, hand-crafted knife.

To add something a little extra, pick out dad a slick-looking, hand-made, real leather knife sheath!

Pick a set up for your dad here.

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