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I want to start our first newsletter with tips about how to practice with a purpose.

If you have ever been to one of my clinics at the NRS Training Center, you might have noticed I teach and talk about the “domino effect.” This means if you do not execute step one of the run, usually step two, step three and so on are not going to be successful either.
How many times have you had a bad practice after having a really good practice? It may seem that the practice pen becomes a place of highs and lows. We can create good habits by slowing down and thinking about how we need to execute a fundamentally correct run.
For example; if you are roping the dummy on the ground, try to use your core balance, and do not make the catch about leaning forward. What you do on the ground is strictly mental discipline and transfers to what you do while horseback. If you lean forward, break over at the waistline, and rope with most of your pressure and weight on one foot, then your muscle memory is the same in the saddle, which is not good. This equals leaning over your horse’s shoulders and inhibits your horse’s ability to run. All of your weight is in the right stirrup with none in the left stirrup, and pulling on your reins for balance.
To sum it up, you cannot control the tip of your loop consistently while out of balance. Controlling your tip is essential to catching. Start from the ground and practice with separation between your feet for balance. Also, keep the sport simple by spending more time learning to ride your horse while swinging your rope. This will help you learn to keep your balance in your stirrups. Don’t forget, at least 80% of this sport is horsemanship, but most ropers put 80% of their effort into their rope.
So, at any time you have a problem with your roping, chances are you created a bad habit with your ground work, which leads to bad habits while horseback.
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