Mountain View FFA Visits NRS


The arena cook house bustled with energy as the group of FFA students from Mountain View High School, Wyoming, enjoyed their lunch. The students visited the NRS Arena February 3rd through the 4th as a part of their tour of the North Texas area. They chose to come to NRS first  because they were particularly excited to visit a place that focuses on team roping.


“It’s just NRS and team roping! How could we not stop here?” Colton Baker, freshman, said.


When asked about what their favorite part of their short stay at NRS had been, the room echoed with delight about the cabins being nice and comfortable, Lori’s food being delicious and the great facilities. One of the young ladies mentioned that she loved how friendly everyone was; she felt like she could just talk to everyone. “Even David Isham, the owner, was so friendly. He didn’t treat us like customers, but he treated us like we were his friends,” one of the high schoolers mentioned.


The students explained that their FFA group normally tours the Denver Stock Show every year, but this year they wanted to see the agriculture from Texas. After their stay at NRS, they plan to visit the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. They are particularly excited to see Chris Cox, the market shows and the rodeo.


All of the students expressed their desire to return to NRS next year, and were excited to see the new store once it is complete. Logan Lupher, senior, said, “I will definitely tell anyone who comes to Texas that they need to be sure to visit NRS.”

February 11, 2015 |

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