NRS November Saddle Roping

Alfanso Gonzalez and Effren Guevara and

Alfonso Gonzalez and Effren Guevara Saddle Winners

Decatur, Texas – November 9, 2013 – With two NRS trophy saddles awarded to high point ropers and buckles to the average winners, 206 teams spent their Saturday November, 9, at the NRS Training Center with one goal in mind. The roping was split into #8, #9. #10, and #11 teams, points were awarded to first and second in the round and 1st-10th in the average.

After a long day of roping and a total of $7,428.00 paid out, Effren Guevara and Alfonso Gonzalez took home the NRS Competitor Series Trophy Saddles. Guevara also clinched the average in the #8 along with Martin Sullivan with a time of 36.63 on three to receive buckles and check for $950.00. The #9 Buckle winners were, Leon Plascencia and Dakota Manning with a 27.39 on three, the team split $1,139.00. With a time of 31.33 on three, Riley Kurosky and Ben Strahan took home the #10 average title and a check for $1,316.00. Leon Plascencia and Waylon Howard picked up their second check of the day for coming out first in the average of the #11. The team was 31.40 on 3 and split a check for $1225.00 along with buckles.

All in all it was another great day of roping in Decatur, TX, and we look forward to another great turnout for our fall saddle ropings next year.


NRS Arena would like to thank our sponsors which include Resistol, Cinch, and Tony Lama. The NRS Training Center is located four miles south of Decatur, Texas. Offering a full service, family experience, the NRS Training Center features a 150′X300′ covered arena, 56 stalls, trailer hook-ups, pro-shop, bunk houses, and much more.

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