October 2014 NRS Fall Saddle Roping Challenge


One hundred and forty-six roping teams flooded the NRS Arena on October 18, 2014, for the Fall Challenge Saddle Roping. The roping was split into #8, #9, #10 and #11 teams. The top point earner, Chase won an NRS Trophy Roping Saddle. Chase earned points for placing  first  in the #8 roping, fourth in the #9 and second and third in the #10.

Payoff and buckles were awarded to average winners of each roping. Chase Hickman and Greg Dickey won first place in the #8 roping, where there was a total payout of $1,400  dollars to the top point earners. Jim Dickey and Mark Scheffe took first place in the #9 roping. Payout for the # 9 roping was $1,900  dollars. Robert Gibbs and Jose Ordonez took first place in the #10 roping. Payout for the #10 roping was $1,100 dollars. Finally, in the #11 roping, first place was earned by David Wooley and Duke Stoneman where there was a total payout of $950.

This is the third year that the NRS arena has held a Fall Challenge Saddle Roping. This year NRS will be holding a second Fall Challenge on November 8, 2014. Books will open at 8 a.m. and close at 9 a.m. Roping will begin at 9:30 a.m. Two NRS Trophy saddles will be given to the the two high point earners of the day.

NRS Arena sponsors include Resistol, Cinch, and Tony Lama. NRS Arena is located four miles south of Decatur, Texas. Offering a full service, family experience, the NRS Arena features a covered 150’X300′ covered arena, 56 stalls, trailer hook-ups, pro-shop, bunk houses, and much more.

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