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Every girl carries a purse for two reasons: 1. The purse itself is an accessory and fashion statement, and 2.How else would we carry all of those necessities we just can’t leave the house without?

Here is a little glimpse into the bag of NRS’s women’s clothing and accessory buyer, Julie Christian –

A. The Purse – This purse is the Black “Gypsy” from the STS Ranch Wear Collection. When asked why she chose this specific purse, Julie said, “STS is my bag choice of choice right now. This particular bag has a little bit of fashion with the fringe but is also a bag I can carry everyday.  I love the quality of all of the STS handbags and that Jennifer Smith has thought of all the little details when creating these bags. The inside of each handbag has a little quote printed on the inside. This one says ‘Never run faster than your guardian angels can fly.’ ”

B. Loulabelle Jewelry – For those moments when you need to quickly turn a casual outfit into something more dressy. These specific Loulabelle pieces are very versatile and will go with anything.

C. Maui Jim Sunglasses and case

D. STS Ranch Wear Black Floral Clutch – Julie says she chose the wallet because it can be used as a wallet and a clutch. It is cute enough to take by itself and has a handy wrist strap, however it is still slim enough to through in your bag as a wallet.

E. Catalogs! As a clothing and accessory buyer, Julie says she is always shopping through our vendor’s catalogs!

F. Spark, gum and lip gloss – essentials for staying energized and fresh!


August 11, 2014 |

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