10/16 Drew Horner: Uncoiled. Ready to Jackpot


uddy and I holding my cardboard check I won for the USTRC Open Tour Year End Header. 2009

Sorry y’all that I have not been writing as frequently lately. I will get back to it and keep y’all updated. Here’s how my last week and half has looked:
I went to Kissimmee Florida for a Champions Challenge rodeo and I missed there, so we didn’t win anything. Bummer… BUT, we then went to Waco Texas a few days later and did well down tree at the All American Finals! We won second over all and ended up with a total of about $9,400 there! That made up for the bad week before and also gave us some momentum going into next week, which is a BIG jackpot week!
Here’s a breakdown of next week and how I’m preparing for it. Wednesday, we go to Elk City Oklahoma for a jackpot. It’s a good one there. I’m excited about that one, as it is a chance to start the week of with a good win. Then, Thursday night and Friday morning, there are two jackpots in Guthrie Oklahoma. Thursday night is a really good one and Friday morning is just ok. Saturday, we end up in Oklahoma City for the Open Preliminary. On our biggest day, Sunday, we have the US Open! I am really excited about that roping. I just really like it! They put on a great event and it’s typically run pretty smoothly.
As for my horses, I have been giving them some time off when I haven’t needed them. I am preparing Goose for the Jackpot on Wednesday and also getting him ready to ride at the US Open on Sunday. I will be riding my new horse Tex on Thursday night probably and also on Saturday. I will ride Slick on Friday morning. I hope to keep Goose refreshed and running hard so I can have him ready for the US Open on Sunday.
That’s what I have been up to recently. Sorry I have not been writing much lately. I will get back to it ASAP! Ha! I hope y’all have been having a good day and I will talk to ya again soon! I am going to write a blog here soon about who I think is most likely to win the US Open next week. So pay attention cuz that’ll be a fun one. If your coming out to Oklahoma City, feel free to say hi! I would love to meet some of y’all and get to talk with y’all face to face! Have a good one! DH

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