Fort Worth Rodeo: BIG WINS are NOT Done by YOURSELF


A week ago, I wrote a blog about the progressive Fort Worth Rodeo and it’s tough conditions.  I really like that rodeo for a few different reasons.  In the previous blog titled “Fort Worth Rodeo: Making history, but Still Tough to Win”, I talk about what they are doing to progress the sport of rodeo and what makes that rodeo such a tough set up, at least for me, in the years past.  Now, I get the opportunity to write a blog about how Buddy Hawkins and I were able to overcome the conditions to win my HOMETOWNER!!! (I’ve always wanted to say that)

photo 1

Some of my community group of guys at Church that came out to support me in the Short Round.

Whelp, Buddy and I won the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo!!! I love winning so every time we win something, I always try to cherish it.  This one is extra special for me.  Buddy and I have won big before, but winning this rodeo is definitely one of the most memorable for me.  I have always considered this my hometown rodeo.  When I started roping, this is the rodeo I would come watch to learn from the best.  My family and friends were able to make it out and watch the final round, which makes the atmosphere feel so welcoming for me knowing I got people supporting me.  I couldn’t rope for a living if it wasn’t for the support I have at home.  From my family being with me from day one, to my girlfriend who has been nothing but support for me the past year and a half we have been together, and my community group of guys at my Church, Watermark Community Church, understanding what I do and pushing me toward Christ whether I am home with them or over the phone on the road.  Through the support, I have learned that nobody gets anywhere without a little help from someone else.  Therefore, I have learned to never take the support I have for granted and the wins I obtain are NOT done by myself.  I am thankful for my COMMUNITY!

I have made a few changes to my roping this past winter while preparing for this year.  They have not been major changes, but definitely have been good!  I have been working on riding my horses better.  In order for me to do this, I have to obtain better posture.  I have worked on riding with a more upright posture and a stronger back so that I can keep my feet under me more and push my horse through my roping in order to help speed our run up and keep the handle smoother.  I have been generating more rope speed.  This helps me stay in front of my horse better while I am riding and keeps me ready to rope when I get there.  I have been working on pulling my hand back in my swing to be able to keep some better power on it and help me keep my tip up in my swing to cover the horns better.  All these things have been extremely beneficial for my roping so far.  I think that Fort Worth put my roping to the test.  Our first two steers both stepped left, as did about %90 of the cattle did at that rodeo, so this made me ride my horse as sharp as I could to the steer, then come back up the left wall, all the while keeping as much control of the steer as possible through the corner.  Our final round steer was a little bit stronger and straighter.  I had to ride hard across the line, reach, which is where bringing my hand back has helped because it develops more power and coverage, then ride through my throw and come back to keep control of the steer for Buddy.  Those few changes I have been making definitely helped us win the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.

photo 2

The Plaque we won! I took this picture in the arena when they presented it to us! Pretty cool moment right here…

The relationships I have and the little changes in my roping have already been proven to be helpful for Buddy and I as a team.  Our roping is getting way better.  Oh, and by the way, I owe a shoutout to a good friend of mine that I have failed to mention so far.  Allen Bach has helped me in my roping so much.  He came over about two weeks ago and roped with me.  He showed me a dummy drill on the Smarty Roping Steer that seems to have helped me break the plateau I have been on in my roping.  That guy has truly helped my roping.  He is coming over today to rope with us a little bit.  Hopefully I can learn something to apply again.  If you ever get a chance to learn from him, TAKE IT! He is a great teacher of our sport.  I hope all of y’all have enjoyed these blogs.  If you want some more up to date posts and random pictures of the rodeo life, go follow me on my Twitter here, my Instagram here, or my new YouTube channel here where I post videos of our runs and I’ll be posting other different videos in the future.  Hope to talk to yall soon! DH

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